Do You Know Facebook Marketing Do’s & Don’ts in 2019?

In this world of social media we are living the life of connectivity and technology. We all are aware about the word Facebook as everybody knows about this platform and may be using also. Facebook is a medium to connect to friends and family in a very easy and interesting way. Using Facebook for the first time might be confusing for you, but later on it becomes usual and everybody gains perfection in it. Facebook is not for fun only but it is a platform to learn from each other.
We can easily state that more than 900 million people check Facebook every day, making it one of the most powerful marketing tools for reaching new audiences, generating interest in your store and raising revenue. This platform is one of the biggest marketing industries nowadays. We can easily say that it is very good for the society. The society runs for the marketing purpose and it’s very good to say in that sense.
But Facebook can also be overwhelming for uninitiated marketers, and it provides a very good public stage for gaffes and blunders. Here are some do’s and don’ts for online marketers looking to maximize the potential of marketing on this social network.  But the Facebook can be very overwhelming for local marketers. It provides an awesome opportunity to them to raise their benefit and reach to the biggest market of the present world. It’s their soulful way to increase watcher in everyday life. Facebook not only provide you with great experience in marketing but it also give you a chance to increase your audience

The Do’s and Don’ts of the Facebook are listed below:

  • Do’s

Keep it Short and crisp

Nowadays everybody is too busy in their lives. So, less words get more engagement, for instance think of twitter

Post Frequently and continuously

Keep audience informed by sharing images, promotions and special offers. Remember to provide relevant links.

Be Genuine and authentic

Connect with your user in a non-robotic way. Talk in a conversational way.

Get Feedback from the audience

Listen to your users, it will help you develop new products and improve on the existing ones.


Don’t get tired of answering questions and responding to feedback. Also, never forget to say thank you.

  • Don’ts

Always Sell

Use the 80/20 rule, means 80% content and 20% products.

Spam your Audience

Don’t over post the content that annoys your audience. Also, avoid oversharing or ranting about employees or customers.

Talk Politics

 You may lose potential customers whose opinions differ from yours on the politics issue.

Go Dormant

 Less post, less value for future posts from Facebook’s algorithm.


Ignoring may only add fuel to the fire in a large amount, respond with your email and settle the matter privately.


These guidelines will help you to build your business to a greater level. Kindly follow the trends for best results with Facebook marketing and utilize this social network in right way. If you have any query please mention in the comment section below.