Facebook myths that can bring negative affect on your business

facebook marketing

Non-marketing professionals have a lot of objectives about Facebook marketing, and most are from a tiny bit of internet research on younger employees.

It’s time for quality information from an expert who uses it on a regular basis to generate leads and sales for clients.

A small piece of acknowledgment shouldn’t set the tone for your marketing plan. Conversations with business owners, general managers, CEO’s and other business professionals have revealed this issue. Most cite an article and want their marketing person or team to move with it.

I’m all for new ideas, but I prefer a bit more due diligence before I jump off a boat into shark-infested waters.

The 9 Facebook Myths

  1. Unaware of marketing basics: Marketing basics are essential components of the Facebook advert. Knowing your client, building a relationship and providing value, that’s the procedure.

If you don’t know your customers and are unsure what value you bring to them, don’t waste your money and resources on Facebook.

  1. Considering Facebook as a traditional marketing platform: Facebook has many traits, but first and foremost it’s a social networking site that makes it great, fun, exciting and a marketers dream.

People willingly gave personal details to Facebook; this information is considered gold in the marketing world. It cannot be used traditionally because that model doesn’t work for this platform- that’s valuable for the user and why we keep using Facebook for multifarious reasons.

A marketer who understands Facebook as a social platform knows you must build a relationship with your fans. Then, when you provide the answers, the value, the fun and the information they are looking for on Facebook, they will let you access their world.

If you have no relationship with people and you do not provide value, Facebook marketing will not work for your business.

  1. No business website: Posting every day on your Facebook business page neither occupies your website’s place nor creating a Facebook page and focusing only on getting followers, qualify as building a business.

You must have a website. Yes, there is all kinds of chatter about younger generations not looking at websites, but are they your target market? Sometimes chatter is just that-chatter.

  1. Engage people in what you are selling: No they are only interested in resolving their problems. Figure out their issues and provide a solution, then bring your Facebook marketing strategy together.

People are also interested in new, cool things and if you have one of those, time to go for it. Fresh and cool can solve problems, but it can also be something to have fun with and fun is a motivator.

  1. Saturating business page with products: Creating a Facebook page and stuffing it full of your products and continuously attempting to sell something will not generate business for you. Facebook is a social networking platform, and you need to build a relationship and provide value for people first.
  2. Boost Posts: To reach all of your business page fans you have to boost your posts. Is boosting worth the money? Not really, but it makes you feel productive and shows you a perceived value. It’s unlikely to impact your business, so it’s crucial to dig in further to see how Facebook is best utilized to affect your business. Take the time yourself or talk to a professional. A little research and good help are worth it!
  3. Any exposure is worth paying for on Facebook: Not true! If you believe so, be ready to spend time and money with zero results. Unless Facebook plays a role in growing your business, does it have any value other than it’s fun? The right exposure will generate the results you desire. Put money in it the right way and with proper marketing.
  4. Hiring younger employees to post on Facebook: Unless there is an actual strategy for Facebook, and you are serving value to clients, younger employees should be focusing on revenue-generating activities. Just because someone says they know all about Facebook does not mean they know how to utilize it for business.
  5. The perfect Facebook marketing campaign: If you are one of those perfectionists out there who wants everything absolutely perfect before action, stop right now.

If you know well your customer and follow the campaign, engage your customer and provide value- launch it!

Sometimes you must put your best effort forward and then analyze it.

If you make a mistake, amend it, move on, if that doesn’t work, keep going.

Many times the testing results amaze you and give you an opportunity to make better strategies, and maybe make a better product or enhance your services. You won’t know until you test it and nothing is ever perfect.

If your motive with Facebook is to gain something in spite of providing people with value, you will spend money with no results. Facebook is a social network initially, where people from all over the world have conversations about what they like, love, are passionate about and stuff that solves their issues.

This post is stating the myths, so at least you don’t invest time and money on false things and make wiser decisions for your business. I will be providing more information on the right marketing choices for your business.