Meet Our Team

Hemant Gupta

(Founder & CMO)

Hemant Gupta founded Grow By Ten a marketing solutions company. He takes challenges as opportunities and implements his Technical and Marketing skills to provide outstanding services to clients.

Jugal Kishore Gupta

(Director & COO)

Jugal k Gupta is Director of Grow By Ten. He plan and forecast strategies focused for growth and profits of business by considering all other business aspects. He is great leader of our team with effective management 

Palwinder Singh

(Project Manager)

Palwinder is Project Manager. He has high and diverse skills in his realm to facilitate clients with excellent software that assist them to run their business with ease. With great leadership.

Rahul Pathania

(Software Developer)

Rahul is a software developer with deep technical experience. He is solution oriented person, quick learner; good team player as well as ready to tackle programming challenges.

Madhav Bansal

(Web Developer)

Madhav is experienced Web Developer, expert in PHP and Word Press. He has analytical mind set to construct an innovative website and always work with curiosity to make excellent, working codes

Karan Arora

(Content Manager)

Karan is search engine optimizer by profession. He writes creative and effective content for social media platforms as well as for paid social advertisements of businesses. His command over different languages.

Sunny Kumar Saini

(Business Development Manager)

Sunny is Business Development Manager. He always looks forward to work in a challenging environment that facilitates the collective achievement of his professional and organizational objectives.

Sonal Maheshwari

(Business Development Manager)

Sonal is business development manager. Her job is to identify sales leads, pitch goods or services to new businesses and maintain a good working relationship with new and upcoming businesses.

Jyoti Menon

(Digital Marketing Manager)

Jyoti is Digital Marketing Manager with more than 4 years of experience. She is Facebook ads expert focused to deliver transparent and highly efficient results with best techniques.

Ramandeep Kaur

(SEO Manager)

Ramandeep is an engineering graduate works as SEO Manager. She has ability to develop strategic perspectives and enable plans effectively. She is eager to expand her knowledge.

Vickramjit Singh

(Graphic Designer)

Vickramjit is the senior Graphic Designer. He is responsible to create visual concepts by using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate other businesses.

Kuljeet Singh

(Graphic Designer)

Kuljeet is Graphic Designer. His responsibility is to develop the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures and magazines. He is excellent in design making.


(Graphic Designer)

Monika is Graphic Designer. Being a quick learner she creates creative graphics and look forward to seek guidance from her mentor to enhance her skills every single day. She is proficient in making design

Jasmeet Singh

(Video Editor)

Jasmeet is Video editor. He is generally responsible for editing and combining all the recorded raw material into a suitable manner. He basically works camera footage, dialogue, sound effects.

Anjul Tomar

(BD Executive)

Anjul is Business Development executive and Content Manager. She is responsible for generating content related to ads and website. She searches the content and creatively writes it in a proper manner.

Shaleen Kalia


Shaleen is Executive. She acts as the right hand to the organisation. She portrays a role of managing whole social media platform of different businesses. Her knowledge is a major benefit to our organisation.

Jaya Bhardwaj


Jaya is Executive. She is responsible to post ads on social media platform of different businesses. She is highly accountable and often responsible for safeguarding confidential information of the organisation.

Sarbjit Singh

(Web Designer)

Sarbjit is Web Designer. He is expert in wordpress designing and construct simple to use, attractive websites for clients. He has good skills to resolve every technical or programming issue