Establish a strong connection on twitter by tweeting and advertising the centrepiece of your company’s business model. You can experience different types of ads on twitter. They can be promoted tweets, promoted accounts and promoted brands. You have seen many promotional ads on Twitter in day to day life. If you follow, like and retweet the promotional content on Twitter then your followers will clearly see your presence there. Twitter is truly the best platform you’ll find nowadays as it helps you to spread your opinion on a bigger level. When you promote tweets on twitter, you only make payment when you achieve your marketing objective. You will be surprise to know that twitter is shouldering some of the risks. Twitter believes that their advertising products will deliver exactly when you want it. One can easily target a person who has used a specific hashtag or word in their twitter platform in last seven days. You will not be able to find this facility anywhere. Facebook also doesn’t allow you to search people by tags. Tweet engager targeting is another interesting way to reach audience in a targeted way. With this element of marketing you can easily remarket with the people who saw your tweets.

The Prominent benefit of Twitter Ads that GrowbyTen offers to Businesses

  • AS twitter has become one of the leading social media platforms for businesses, enabling a brand and raising start-ups. Advertising on this platform is very beneficial if you aim to improve traffic on your website. We conduct paid promotions on Twitter. We use keyword targeting that helps in increasing the number of followers on your Twitter profile, but also by driving traffic to your landing page.
  • Twitter can be a profitable way to reach customers and prospects around the world. As you do not have to pay any charge to open and operate a Twitter account. We help you to build tailored audience and seek out exactly who you are looking for, and have them intact with your communication.
  • We develop creative ideas to reach out specific audience that firm need. As Twitter doesn’t filter your feed, leaving that aside, the very basic “while you were gone” box when you first sign on.
  • Then the tweets appear in reverse chronological order, the most current at the top. As you keep scrolling down and down. Twitter keeps on moving while they’re digging into the past
  • This will help them to keep updated data from every corner. We are aiming to update your data in a same manner. As we focus on your followers and make your account to work like magnet.